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My second child was born on November 13, and I’ve been very aware of my tummy this time around. It has taken much longer to shrink after baby number two! Because tummy taming is an issue for so many women, below are some tips on how to tame that tummy.

1. Find the right fit.

A correct fit is essential for looking put together ─ especially while hiding any tummy issues. Look for items that skim over your tummy and avoid anything that clings. This will still allow your shape to show while making you look slimmer.

2. Wear a ruched top.

Gathered, fluted or pleated fabric around your mid-section can disguise lumps underneath.


4. Select a style enhancing your positive features to distract from anything you may want to hide.

Try a statement necklace to draw the eye upward and away from the tummy.


6. Avoid wearing bottoms that cut into your tummy and create unnecessary bulges, i.e., “the muffin top.”

If you opt for leggings choose a style with a large waist band.

7. Pick an asymmetrical pattern allowing the eye to cross the body creating a shapely appearance and averting the eye from one particular spot.

The illusion of curves creates curves!

8.Try textured fabrics to distract and hide a tummy.

Look for textures such as lace or crochet.

9. Invest in shapewear.

If all else fails, and you need a little extra help for that special occasion, shapewear is always a great way to hide a tummy. Combining shapewear with one of the tips above allows for additional coverage.

Note: Be careful when wearing shapewear tank tops as the bottom can roll up while moving. To avoid irritation a shapewear body suit might be a great option to avoid fiddling with your top.

10. Beware of hiding a tummy in oversized clothing!

Bulky sweaters and sweatshirts can seem like an easy fix, but doing so can make you appear larger than you are, not to mention a bit frumpy.

Step out in your own personal style this year, and bravely be your best beautiful self!

Growing up in a small northern Minnesota town, Ashley Lundgren has always had one very unique gift, helping others find great style! Along her journey she attended Crown College and completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising through Westwood College of Colorado. During this time, she met and married a wonderful business owner, Dane Lundgren, They currently they have one darling three and a half year old daughter, Addie Jo and a son on the way (due November 9th)! You can follow Ashley on Instagram or visit her at

What ways have you found to tame your tummy?