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Seven Tips for Today’s Modern Woman

There are a few universal truths I’ve learned over my years on this planet: My dryer will devour at least one sock in every load of laundry, the barista at Starbucks will forget the “e” on the end of my name when scribbling it on my latte cup, and if I plan something special for dinner, my husband will eat one of the ingredients before I get a chance to cook.

Life teaches us certainties, some quirky, others life-changing. The following tips provide perspective amidst the mom melee and guide my heart as a woman. Perhapsthey will do the same for you.

1. You Can’t Do All

Really. We can’t. Life is full of opportunity, and we can easily run ourselves ragged trying to do too much. Do what matters most. No one is analyzing your closet—spend your time on what speaks to your heart.

2. The Little ThingsARE the BIG Things

This year, most of my friends sent me text messages on my birthday. The ones who took the time to call stood out. The same is true for the small, thoughtfulkindling that builds a life: Give hugs, read with your kids, bring flowers to a friend.

3. More is Caught than Taught

I have two daughters watching my every move. If I want them to eat healthy, exercise and accept themselves unconditionally, I need to live it. Words don’t matter ifour example does not back it up. Congruency is essential.

4. Me Time is a “Must”

What rejuvenates you? I’ve learned I need quiet to refresh, so I carve out time to read in the sun or putter through Hallmark. Time for thisis a non-negotiable. Know what charges your battery and build time for itinto your schedule.

5. Invest in Yourself

Do you like who you see when you look in the mirror? I hope so, for she is the one person who matters, the one to impress. Take the time to look nice each day. Maintain your haircut, nails and eyebrows. When I feel put together, I am more confident, more productive and even nicer to be around. Polish matters. Go figure.

6. Your Road Will Have Rough Spots

I hate to be Sally Sad News, but life can be hard. You may not need Verizon, but you need a network. Friends matter. Maintain relationships and accept help when you need it. There will be times for you to gratefully reciprocate.

7. Don’t Blink (and put down your phone)

Time passes quickly, so ditch the speed-dial andsavor every moment. Be present with your loved ones; listen to them and discover adventures together. The life you were created to live is likely not found in front of a screen.

Celeste Palermo lives in Colorado with her husband, Pete, and their daughters, Peyton, age15, and Morgan, age 10. She is the author of two books including The Coffee Mom’s Devotional (Regal, 2009).

What tip do you want to start implementing in your life?