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God, this week may you fortify the moms. Where there is a lack of energy, or patience or money or perspective, provide plenty. For the ones who don’t feel like they are enough, remind them today that all is well, because they are loved just as they are, no matter what. For the moms who are facing an impossible situation or an impossibly trying kid, would you swoop in show them that you are a God who can turn things around at a moment’s notice. Give us moms the supernatural insight to know what our kids need on a soul level so that they can feel whole and loved as well. Where there are hurts or regret that are too tender to even say it out loud, may healing come in wave after wave of relief and freedom. In the morning, wake us up with joy and in the evenings provide 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep so that we can show up in the world with so much love, forgiveness, kindness and fun that our families rise up and call us blessed. Let it be so, Amen.