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“Time flies” may sound like a cliché, but once you have kids the phrase suddenly starts to ring true.

Stepping into motherhood carries a huge responsibility, and it goes beyond simply taking care of the kids or cleaning up their mess. As a mom, you’ll be subjected to endless antics and drama, and it is up to you to stay patient and rise above it.

From cleaning up precious rugs to mediating between fighting children, being a parent entails providing corrective guidance so they grow up happy and healthy. And even though parenting can get incredibly stressful, you’ll find yourself looking back fondly even at the most stubborn mistakes of your little ones. As your kids grow up and start to enter adolescence, you might even want to hit rewind on these pet peeves:

Cleaning Up Their Messes
In a nutshell, motherhood involves a constant effort to stay on top of dirty dishes, clutter, and laundry. While the kids are busy running around playing games, you’ll have to retrace their steps and reorganize the toys they’ve left lying around. Cleaning up after the tornado of Lego pieces and Play-Doh is never pleasant. But when all is said and done, even cleaning up after their mess could get fun because it almost feels like a game you’re playing with them.

And that’s when it hits you: the mess they leave in their wake teaches you to not take everything so seriously. That it’s OK to be playful every once in a while, even when parenting gets tough. When you hit your last nerve, maybe even seeing that to-be-cleaned pile of toys can remind you to have even just a little fun, every once in a while.

Having Repetitive Playtimes
It’s hard not to get fed up drinking imaginary tea from plastic cups or reading that storybook for the nth time. It’s moments like these when you find yourself praying for guidance and wisdom to endure yet another repetitive playtime session even though you already have enough responsibilities on your plate.

But if think about it, in just a few years, your kids will be teens and making them as happy as they are now over fake teacup parties will take a lot more effort and coercion. You might even regret thinking that watching episodes of “Peppa Pig” was a form of punishment. While they’re still fascinated by toys, make-believe characters, and arts and crafts, you’ll want to make the most of the time you have. It’ll make your time with them more enjoyable.

Answering Non-Stop Questions
When kids aren’t scribbling on walls or knocking over furniture, they’re most likely chewing your ears off asking questions like, “Why is the sky blue? Why does the moon follow us? What are stars made of?” The inquisitive nature of children peaks at four years old, often leaving parents bombarded with questions they struggle to answer. And while some parents turn to Google for answers, others just make up answers on the spot.

The constant onslaught of new questions may leave you feeling hopeless. But it helps to see their urge to ask questions as a reflection of innocence and inquisitiveness. Treasure their curiosity and join them in discovering new things. You don’t have to pretend to have all the answers; rather, teach them how to think independently. This way, they can discover the answers to their own questions.

Dealing with Clinginess
Giving birth is a momentous journey. But one of the most memorable hallmarks of being a mother is the feeling that you’re almost never alone after your child is born. Even when you’re making a quick grocery trip or are visiting a friend, your kids are always going to want to tag along.

And while taking your kids with you makes for quality family bonding time, you might start to feel like you don’t have enough time for yourself. Even though clinginess is a sign of affection, being too needy can make it hard for you to get things done. But clingy behavior could also wear off over time as kids grow older. Most teenagers, for instance, would flat-out refuse to have their parents drop them off the school. By the time they want to move out, you’ll be lucky to receive just a few calls.

So before they move on to the next chapter of their lives, make the most of their clinginess. Savor their cuddles and kisses – one day, it could help you get by when you’re missing them.

Waking Up to all the Noise
We all look forward to the day our kids will finally go to college. But this is until you return home and are welcomed by the deafening silence and the realization that they have moved on to the next big thing. If you have a lot of kids and are used to having a noisy home, waking up to all the noise is something you will surely miss. High-pitched laughter is a sign of a happy childhood, and even silly squabbles and other family drama become part of what makes your family so endearing.

When all is said and done, a loud house is better than a silent one. Learn to appreciate the laughter, enthusiasm, and senseless arguments. Your kids will only be children once, so let them enjoy the moment.

You aren’t a real parent if you haven’t experienced losing hours of sleep taking care of the kids or finishing all the chores. And even though starting a family is challenging, we sometimes forget how lovely it is to raise a child. Know that feeling frustrated is perfectly OK, but don’t let your exhaustion make parenthood less meaningful.


Raina Fadel believes in eco-friendly living and is trying to persuade people by writing to also do the same. She is also passionate about home improvement. When she is not writing, you can see her drawing sketches for her dream house.