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Fun Activities to Keep Kids Entertained During Bad Weather Days 

Being cooped up inside with restless kids when bad weather strikes can be hard for parents. However, with a little creativity and planning, those rainy or snowy days don’t have to be dreadful. There are plenty of engaging indoor activities to keep your children happy and burn off some energy. 

This article will discuss 10 entertaining options to try the next time mother nature prevents you from going outside. These activities range from active games that get kids moving to more tranquil craft projects. There are options suitable for a variety of ages and interests. With this list, you’ll have plenty of ideas to fill those long bad weather days with enjoyment. Keep reading for activities that will bring smiles to your kids’ faces, even when stuck inside! 


Indoor Obstacle Courses  

One of the best ways to burn off energy on a rainy day is to build an indoor obstacle course. Get creative and use whatever furniture, toys, blankets and other household items you have on hand to construct tunnels, bridges, balance beams and more.  

Clear out space in a large room or hallway and start setting up your course. Turn the couch on its side to make a tunnel. Lay a broomstick across two chairs for a balance beam. Use blankets draped over chairs as a tent or cave to crawl through. Stack pillows and cushions to make steps to climb over. 

Let your kids take the lead in designing and building the course. Encourage them to come up with challenging yet safe obstacles. Supervise carefully and make adjustments as needed, but allow them freedom to create. They’ll have a blast making the course and then racing through it. Time their runs and have contests to see who can complete it fastest.  

Indoor obstacle courses are a great way to foster creativity, active play, and problem-solving skills on wet weather days when you’re stuck inside. Adjust the difficulty level based on your child’s age and abilities. Change up the course frequently to keep it exciting. And don’t forget to join in on the obstacles course fun yourself! 


Indoor Scavenger Hunts 

Indoor scavenger hunts are a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged during bad weather. Make a list of silly or interesting items they can search for around the house. Get creative with your list! 

Encourage kids to run around and search the whole house for items on the list. For younger kids, it may help to give clues about where certain items can be found to make it easier and keep them from getting frustrated.  

To make it more challenging for older kids, try limiting the number of items they are allowed to collect per room. Or you can add special bonus items they can collect for extra points like, “Find something that has buttons” or “Find something with your name on it.” 

Scavenger hunts spark creativity and get kids moving. Plus, you may find yourself looking at ordinary household items in a whole new way! Adjust the difficulty level based on your child’s age and abilities. With a thoughtful scavenger list, this simple activity will keep them happily occupied. 


Indoor Camping 

Camping indoors can be almost as much fun as the real thing! Pitch a tent in the living room using chairs and blankets. Make s’mores in the microwave or oven using graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Sit inside the tent and tell spooky stories with flashlights. You can even “go fishing” inside using string and paper fish. Kids will love the novelty of camping inside, and it’s a great way to turn bad weather into a fun adventure. Have kids pack a small backpack with pajamas, a stuffed animal, and other camping “essentials.” You can take the indoor camping to the next level by playing nature sounds or campfire songs in the background. With a little imagination, your living room or basement transforms into the wilderness. Indoor camping is an easy and fun activity kids will ask to do again and again on rainy days. 


Themed Dance Parties 

Bad weather is the perfect excuse to turn your living room into a dance party venue! Get creative with different themes to make it extra fun for the kids.  

Decorate your space with decorations and props that match the theme. For an underwater party, hang streamers, balloons and cardboard fish cutouts. At a fairy forest party, use forest animal toys and string paper lanterns from the ceiling.   

Have everyone dress up in costumes to match the theme. Provide face paints and arts and crafts materials so kids can make their own accessories. Go all out with your own costume to really get into the spirit. 

Curate a themed playlist to match the theme and get the dance party started. Play peppy tunes and get the kids moving and grooving. Upbeat kids’ songs work great, as do theme songs from popular movies and shows. 

Let the kids go wild showing off their best dance moves! They’ll have a blast being silly, jumping around, and burning off extra energy. To mix it up, play freeze dance, musical chairs, or have a dance off. Capture some cute moments on video to look back on later. 

Themed parties are a fun way to spark creativity and bring wholesome entertainment indoors. And kids get to dress up and party like it’s Halloween! Pick any theme that will get your kids excited, and let their imaginations run wild. 


Indoor Bowling  

Turn your hallway or another long, open space into a DIY bowling alley. Set up empty plastic bottles or cardboard boxes as pins at one end, and use soft balls, rolled up socks, or balloons as bowling balls. Take turns rolling or tossing your “bowling balls” to try to knock down the pins. Keep score and play rounds just like you would at a real bowling alley. Get creative by making bowling score sheets and having everyone play with goofy poses or tricks to spice it up. Indoor bowling is an easy way to get some active fun in on rainy days. 


Arts and Crafts  

Get creative and make a mess with arts and crafts! This is a great rainy day activity to let kids express themselves. Cover the table or floor with a plastic cloth or newspapers, and let their imaginations run wild. 

Fingerpaint – Give kids some fingerpaint and let them go crazy creating abstract art on big sheets of paper. It’s a sensory experience they’ll love. You can frame their masterpieces after and display them in their rooms.  

Make cards/decorations – Grab some construction paper, markers, glue and other decorative items like stickers or pom poms. Kids can make homemade cards for family members or create decorations to hang around the house. Get them involved in upcoming holidays or seasons by making themed crafts. 

Do craft kits – There are so many engaging craft kits available for kids these days. Let them do bead crafts, paint ceramics, or complete science experiment kits. It’ll keep them entertained for hours while sparking their creativity. Follow the included instructions or come up with your own creations. 

Get messy and make something awesome! Arts and crafts build fine motor skills while allowing kids to express themselves. Displaying their finished works boosts confidence too. Unleash your kid’s inner artisan with these crafty indoor activities. 


Play Board Games   

Playing board games is a classic rainy day activity that never gets old. Gather up some classic games like Monopoly, Life, Clue, Yahtzee or Scrabble, and let the friendly competition begin. Kids can practice strategy, critical thinking and social skills while having fun with family and friends. 

Make up your own original board games too. Grab a large piece of cardboard or poster paper and make a homemade game board. Use dice and game pieces from other games or make your own out of household items. Let kids design the board with spaces and paths to follow. Make cards with instructions like, “Move ahead 2 spaces” or “Go back to start.” Take turns drawing cards and moving pieces around the board. Get creative with the game theme, goals and rules. The sky’s the limit when inventing a new game. Laugh at the silly scenarios that unfold. 

Playing board games, both traditional and made up, sparks imagination and quality family time. Kids will remember the new traditions and inside jokes that emerge on a rainy day spent bonding over board games. 


Have a Talent Show 

Kids love to show off their talents! A rainy day is the perfect time to hold an indoor talent show. Let each child come up with a performance to showcase their skills. They can sing, dance, act out a skit, perform magic tricks, play an instrument, or display any other talents they have.  

To prepare, have your kids make invitations for family members to attend the talent show. On performance day, turn your living room into a stage. Use blankets and sheets to build a backdrop. Make tickets for the audience to hold. Provide simple props and costumes for the performers.  

Start by having each child introduce their act. Then sit back and enjoy the show! Clap and cheer for each performance. Consider awarding small prizes at the end for categories like, “Most Creative Act” or “Best Stage Presence.”  

Holding a talent show taps into kids’ natural desire to perform. Rainy days stuck inside will fly by as your children happily practice and share their talents. The talent show will become a fun family memory. And you may discover some budding young entertainers in the process! 


And just like that, the bad weather has passed, and we’ve had a fun day of indoor activities together as a family. Though the weather outside can be dreary, there are always creative ways to spark joy indoors. We’ve built living room obstacle courses and hunted for scavenged items around the house. We’ve recreated the great outdoors by camping inside and danced together during an epic living room dance party. There’s no limit to the indoor fun when we use our imaginations. I hope these indoor activity ideas have sparked some inspiration for your next rainy day. The most meaningful memories are often born from adversity. Embrace these special chances to connect with your loved ones. The silver lining of bad weather is the opportunity it provides to come together and deepen relationships. 

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