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Confession: I’m a Valentine’s Day scrooge. I hate the colors. I hate the gifts. I hate the way I felt when I was single, and I hate the way I feel now that I’m not. My husband is a romantic, but for me, Valentine’s Day is just too much pressure. Surely there’s a better way.

This year I’m going to out-valentine Cupid by bypassing all the cheesy stuffed animals and heart-shaped boxes of mystery chocolates and give my husband a “Can O’ Dates.” It’s simple, girls. Just decorate an empty paint can and fill it with fun date ideas for 2015.

Finding it difficult to come up creative ideas? I’ve got you covered. Below are 50 fun dates to get you started:

  1. Host a couples’ game night.
  2. Go to a play.
  3. Watch a sunrise (or a sunset if you’re not morning people).
  4. Take a cooking class.
  5. Build a snowman.
  6. Take a shower or bath together.
  7. Take a road trip.
  8. Go to a concert.
  9. Hold hands and take a stroll down the streets of your town.
  10. Visit a museum.
  11. Send the kids to grandma’s house and enjoy a romantic evening alone at home.
  12. Go to a book store and browse.
  13. Go to an auto race.
  14. Go on a picnic at night.
  15. Ride bikes together.
  16. Go skinny dipping.
  17. Attend a baseball game and eat peanuts and Cracker Jacks.
  18. Go fishing.
  19. Do a community service project.
  20. Go shopping and buy each other new outfits.
  21. Workout together.
  22. Go to the zoo.
  23. Take a couples massage.
  24. Learn to dance.
  25. Go dancing.
  26. Go roller-skating.
  27. Watch fireworks.
  28. Make your own fireworks.
  29. Go to an arcade.
  30. Go to an auction.
  31. Make a couples “bucket list.”
  32. Skip rocks in a stream or lake.
  33. Fly a kite.
  34. Go junkin’ (AKA: thrifting or antiquing).
  35. Test drive new cars.
  36. Finish a project.
  37. Spend a day playing at the park.
  38. Visit a nearby city.
  39. Eat at a new restaurant.
  40. Take a pottery class.
  41. Go to an amusement park.
  42. Share an ice cream cone.
  43. Play touch football.
  44. Celebrate the date of your first kiss.
  45. Work in the garden.
  46. Watch meteors and shooting stars.
  47. Visit a grandparent.
  48. Hold hands in a movie.
  49. Go through a carwash and make-out.
  50. Go on a hike and if you find a secluded place, go for IT.

It’s time to put that hot glue gun to work, girls. Not the crafty type? Fear not — just print this article and check off the dates as you go. Regardless, get out there, be brave and start dating!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tasha Levert, Ph.D., is a licensed professional counselor in New Orleans who provides face-to-face and online care. She is a conference speaker, worship leader and the author of