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Hello, Dearest …

If you were to follow me on Instagram, you might be overwhelmed by the cuteness.

And maybe you’d feel inundated by the homemade meals, garden and dog photos (not to mention more cute baby!).

So basically I am judging my crazy, wonderful, sometimes yucky life against an online personality of others, and vice versa.

In an effort to be less-edited, here is a snapshot of day-to-day life. Much of my time consists of laundry, work, a messy house, a sometimes -homemade meal (and sometimes a meal from a box or a can) and, at times, a crying cute baby. These aren’t images I rush to capture for posterity but here is what it might look like were I to post on Instagram.

And I’ll be honest, that doesn’t even include the messiest parts of my house (decency people, my mother-in-law might read this!). And it doesn’t include my deep struggles, hurts and worries. Those things that are too private for the world to be honored and trusted with. I save those for IRL friends who can love me, support me, pray with and for me, and walk alongside me.

I’m not advocating an Instagram rebellion. I like Instagram. I like seeing my friends’ photos and posting images of things that I enjoy and make me happy. But I am encouraging us to remember that what we see online is only a teeny-tiny part of what defines a person and what’s going on in their life. And I’m personally challenged to keep it real. “What, you dropped a box of spaghetti on the floor?” Post it.

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