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Confident Moms do not Compare, They Collaborate

Confident moms do not compare themselves with other moms, but they collaborate to achieve better results and productivity. On any given day, in any city anywhere there is a mom comparing herself to another mom whom she perceives has it all together. How great she is at this or how amazing her family is at that. But the comparison is faulty on its face. 

Comparing what appears to be a great moment for a mom (and her family) with a weak moment for you and your family is at best a flawed comparison. It’s not apples to apples. But there’s the thing: there is no apples-to-apples comparison between two moms. We come with unique experiences, perspectives, gifts and talents. The only way to create a win-win is through collaboration. Mom shaming, being judgmental or overly opinionated about the choice another mom makes, will not move the needle forward in your own life and for your own family.

Many moms have a big giving muscle. If you need her to show up, she’s there. If you need a favor, she’s got you. Need her to fill in for you? No problem. But many times the receiving muscle is showing signs of atrophy. She may be overwhelmed and in need of support or assistance but doesn’t ask. This mom may even be at the end of her rope, but sees it as her responsibility to somehow barrel through on her own.

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