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I love Summer. Always have. Always will.I love the warm air in my face. The lazy days (which have become less lazy since my name became mom, but are still enjoyable). The fun things you get to do. The change from the routine of normal. I love it.

Our days of warm weather are dwindling so I decided to put together my top 10 list of things to do before summer ends! I love fun traditions and silly lists, these are the fabric of memories. Use my list, or make your own, but make sure and spend some great time making memories and enjoying your family these last days of summer.

Swim. Is it even summer without swimming?How many memories do you have of summer swims from your younger days? Make sure to get at least one more good family swim in before it’s too late.

Dine Al-Fresco. Take a break from the norm and take dinner outside. Eat on the porch or lay out a blanket in the grass. Or, pack it up and take it to the park. Take off your shoes, put your toes in the grass and enjoy a fun family meal.Talk about your favorite summer memories.

Vacation. Can you fit in one last vacation? Even a quick weekend or day trip! We just came back from a spur of the moment weekend trip and I can’t tell you how much unexpected fun we had.There is something just a little magical about a summer vacation, even if it is quick, easy and inexpensive!If you can’t take a trip, bring a vacation to you.Use your sandbox and a couple of tubs of water to build sand castles and have a wet and wild “beach” day in the back yard. Or if you have older kids, learn about a new place, from Mexico City to Rome! See what they wear, what the climate is like, what the locals enjoy doing. Pick a recipe from this region and make it with your kids.

Outdoor Concert, Movie, etc, etc, etc. Look in your local area for fun summer series! Our community offers summer concerts, art festivals, food festivals, and our church hosts outdoor movies! One of the best things about this is that many of the activities will be FREE!

Kid-wash. Set up a fun water kid wash in your back yard! Use sprinklers, hoses or be even more creative. I LOVE the Kid Wash they set up in this pin:

Ice cream. Oh, ice cream… another summer staple!Get some fun favors and toppings and do it up! Maybe add it to your dining al-fresco. Or just pack everyone in the car and head to your favorite ice cream place.

Drive with the windows down. Sometimes there is nothing more fun than driving with the windows down and the music blasting. For me, it used to be Pearl Jam. Now it’s Dora’s Greatest Hits, but what a fun way to let loose and have good old fashioned fun with your kids.

Kid’s choice! Ask your kids what they want to do. You never know what they will come up with! They will love the undivided attention they get when you listen to their ideas and put them into action.

Stay Up Late.The days of the sun staying out late are dwindling… let the kids stay up late for a movie night, or to roast marshmallows, or anything else they want to do. We tend to be scheduled kind of family which makes breaking the rules all the more fun sometimes!

Make a Time Capsule. Talk with the family about their favorite things you did this summer. Then talk about things you wanted to do, but weren’t able.What is on their summer wish list? What were funny things that happened this summer? Write these down and add it with a few mementos into a summer time capsule to be tucked away in a special place for the kids to find and open at the beginning of next summer.

I hope you are inspired and ready to have fun with your family. For more fun ideas on what to do during the summer, check out a printable list with even more ideas.

Before we’re done here, you tell me, what is your favorite idea for spending time with your family these last days of summer?

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