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God, we want to start by saying thank you for all the experiences this year has given us, even the hard or horrible ones because they have allowed us to see more clearly what really matters. 2020 has been a year of resetting expectations, resetting dreams, resetting goals and resetting our hearts. A year of slowing down, cleaning out our closets, and seeing what our dogs do during the day. We know each other a little better because we have been invited into each other’s homes via zoom, and we’ve gotten to share things that normally don’t go together like watching babies being rocked while simultaneously watching PowerPoint presentations about numbers and projections, and that is closer to the kingdom than anything I have experienced before.

We’ve seen a different side of our spouses as we work from home together and they use phrases like “let’s put a pin in,” a phrase that even after being married for 20 years we have never heard them use before. And we’ve witnessed our kids navigate big disappointments with so much resiliency that they have set an example for all of us adults.

But now, as we wrap up an unexpectedly challenging year, I want to ask that the final few weeks of 2020 be filled with equally unexpected joy, wonder, and refreshment for every mom.

Like in Psalm 68 where it says, “You, gave abundant rain to refresh your weary inheritance.” God, would you provide abundant refreshment to whatever parts of their lives or bodies that feel weary.

God cause us to stand in awe of your goodness. Restore what has been lost, refresh what has been depleted, and allow us to step into 2021 with expectation, because this is the year of a scene shift. A scene shift of victory. A scene shift of traveling and hugging people again. A scene shift of fresh purpose and passion for each person here.

May this new scene be filled with the fulfillment of dreams. A scene where each kid is thriving, and healthy. Where the things that are currently keeping us up at night have been resolved and replaced with perfect peace. Where there has been financial strain, may it be replaced with plenty. And where there is frustration, may it be replaced it with expectation.

This coming year, may you sense God’s delight in you, and may you remember that you walk in favor. Psalm 5:12 says, Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield. May you find favor with people who will come alongside you, eager to help you in the work the Lord has appointed for you. Because you are called to God’s work, may you find that you have all the energy, time, ideas and resources to accomplish your work.  May you find favor with bureaucrats and authorities, favor in the market place, favor as you come in and go out, favor in unexpected places. May you find favor with people who were previously enemies of Christ and the Cross, and experience God changing the hearts of those who are indifferent to or opposed to the things of God. May you sense the God’s distinct calling on your life and say yes to it with full confidence. 

And may this year, be a year of JOY and celebration and a new season of ease and being in the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Grace after grace is coming, grace after grace is already here. There is so much more goodness to come. Let it be so, Amen.