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One of the few guarantees in life is that the area we’ve just cleaned is exactly where the kids are headed first. That’s where non-toxic household cleaners come in handy… since they’re going to put their hands right on the shiny, fresh, clean surfaces. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Whether you’ve been using non-toxic cleaning supplies for awhile, or you want to begin to dabble, here’s a fairly thorough explanation of Spring Cleaning for a Non-Toxic Home.

Maybe you’re in the camp that everything is better together. (It is, isn’t it?) Here’s instructions for a Make-Your-Own Cleaners Party.

We’ve got recipes to Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies. (Note: not ALL of these are non-toxic.)

Do you want a Spring Cleaning Checklist? Or maybe a Mother-of-All Spring Cleaning Checklist? Or maybe you want to make sure about those “other” things to clean out once a year. No matter your level of spring cleaningness, we’ve got you covered.

Be honest, what area of your house most desparately needs a good cleaning?