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Mamas, it’s time to take back our mental health. It’s necessary for ourselves, our families and the people in our lives. Here’s some food for thought:  

Pick your board of directors.

It’s incredibly important that you have safe people in your life who can act as your sounding board. Even if it’s just one. Commit to sharing your thoughts and feelings with that person. No matter how frustrated you are or how ridiculous you think your feelings may be, having someone to confide in, keep you accountable, speak truth and validate your experiences is critical!  

Be kind to yourself.

We are notorious for being our own worst critics. Social media is a huge component to this as we compare ourselves to everyone else on the screen in front of us. Put the phone down and focus on your own personal growth in areas that matter. If you want to improve, you have to practice. That being said, remember practice never makes perfect, because we aren’t perfect. Practice makes progress.  

Give yourself permission.

You need to give yourself permission to parent the way you see fit for your family. Don’t worry about what others are thinking, saying or doing. We may share the same mission, but our methods will look different. You know your family and kids better than anyone. Make choices based on your insight and beliefs, not on what others will think of your decisions.  

What’s entering your mind and body?

It’s beneficial to evaluate your relationship with the things you are doing to and for your body: food, alcohol, media, exercise, books, prayer and so forth. Having an honest conversation with yourself about what you need less or more of is a critical practice. Tell your board of directors your intentions in this area so you have some accountability. Let’s get out of our comfort zones this year. Set realistic goals. Start small and build on it. 

Be honest.

If you are experiencing deeper levels of anxiety or depression, we want you to share with your safe people and reach out for professional help if needed. Sometimes additional resources and help are necessary. Check in with your local church for counseling services. It’s a sign of courage to ask for help!  

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