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In the Fall 2014 issue of Hello, Darling we introduced The Brave Collective with the belief when we share our courage with others – it multiplies. We’re asking women to gather around tables and commit to doing one brave thing this year with encouragement of those embarking on their own journeys into brave things. A good friend of ours, Dalley Galuzzi, explains in her own words why she accepted our request for her to host the first Brave Collective in Denver.

My heart was set ablaze by the idea women could share a meal and encourage each other to be brave. I had just ended a busy season of women’s groups when I was approached to host the first Brave Collective. The groups were winding down, but my deep need to connect remained steadfast.

Immediately I got on Pinterest. (Obviously.) The planning commenced.

Pin food: simple but fancy enough to show someone you care.

Pin dcor: a touch of glimmer and sparkle, but sans glue gun or hours of time. Drinks. Seating. Chevron print straws in my favorite mason jars. Feathers.

I started to derail. Quickly. The momentum seeped out in a flood of doubt I could not fix. I find creativity when I have people in my home, or rather, it finds me, and it awakens an inner artist I did not know I possessed. Suddenly, every time I looked at feathers or tiny glass bottles I started to worry, or maybe worry found me. I worried my ideas would not be good enough to represent the beauty The Brave Collective exemplifies. The only pouring out I had were tears.

In times of worry, I wake up and walk. I walk with the intention of replacing the worry with something better. So, after a night of sleepless moments, I got out of bed and packed my girls in the stroller. They chattered happily as I huffed and puffed, up and down the neighborhood streets, passing people along the way. Passing women. Lots of them. Every age, race and economic status. I smiled, and they smiled back. That is what being around women does to me. It makes me smile and laugh and live in a world bigger than myself. It allows me to let my world be seen. There is a healing, joyous, transformative power in being around women.

I can host a Brave Collective.

I am willing to push past my fear of hurting others or being hurt.

I am willing to be vulnerable so others can feel comfortable doing the same.

I am willing to put aside myself and see the good in others, and speak it to them as encouragement.

I am willing to open the deepest reflection of me — my home — to share a meal.

I feel ready now. I know the deep pain and immeasurable joy a group of women can bring. I know the work involved in opening my sacred space. I am excited, again, to sit at a table with women who stir new life in me. As we share a meal, they will have no idea by getting to be their host, they shared my brave.

Dalley Galuzzi is The Brave Collective Curator at MOPS International. Dalley lives in Denver with her husband of 11 years and two girls. You can find her trying new things like gardening or reading a good book in a comfy chair. You can email Dalley with all your Brave Collective thoughts and questions at

When you join a Brave Collective you’re joining women everywhere in living into our fullest. There are many ways to get involved – you could host your own Collective, join a local group or follow along as we help launch other Collectives in Denver, NYC, Nashville and Los Angeles.

We’ll be all over the Hello, Darling blogYouTube channel and Pinterest as we highlight women around the country joining the movement into bravery.

We hope you’ll join us.

Who are you inviting to join you in your Brave Collective?