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Sometimes, it feels like we just might break if we don’t have a girls’ night ASAP. The problem is a girls’ night might just break the budget. Don’t let that stop you from some much-needed time with friends! Here are a few ideas for that night out with the girls, that are low in cost and high in connection and fun.   

Picnic Dinner:

Pick a park, grab a blanket, and bring some food and drinks to share! Each friend can contribute a part of the dinner, so that no one carries the burden of paying or preparing dinner for everyone. You could even pick a theme to add an extra dose of fun. Then, you can sit back, relax and watch the sunset with friends while enjoying the park sans-kids for once.   

Movie Night In:

Instead of paying for movie tickets, pull up a seat on your best friend’s couch and dim those lights! Microwave popcorn and candy from the grocery store will help create a nice theater vibe, but this at-home option offers the added perk of being able to show up in your pajamas. Add a retro vibe by screening a movie from your high school years. This gives you a chance to reminisce about old fashion trends and memories of who you watched the movie with for the first time all those years ago. Nothing builds friendships like sharing snacks and stories in your pajamas!   

Book Exchange:

You know those books you have stashed away on the back of the shelf? The stories you loved, but probably won’t read again? There’s a good chance that your friends all have some too! Why not invite your girlfriends and all of their well-loved, previously-read books over for a little party? The idea is, everyone brings some books and goes home with new ones after “shopping” through everyone else’s books for free. This not only gives you a chance to score some free reads while repurposing old ones, but it creates endless opportunities to discuss the stories you loved. So many bright sides!  

Go For a Walk or Hike:

This option allows you to get outside, indulge in long conversations, and get a little exercise. It also has the added benefit of being completely free! Pick a hiking trail or route near you, and let the combination of endorphins, sunshine and girl talk refresh your mind, body and soul.   

Kitchen Table Coffee:

With coffee shops on every corner, it’s easy to forget the good old-fashioned option of inviting a friend over for coffee. Brew a pot, set out some cream and sugar, and throw the front door open wide. You’ll save some money by leaning into a simpler coffee habit, and you might just find that the connection and conversation with friends is the same whether there’s art in your latte foam or not.   

Girls’ nights don’t have to be fancy to be effective, and they don’t have to be expensive to be memorable. As long as there are good friends who are willing to listen and share, you’ll leave feeling refreshed. So go build some memories, deepen those connections, and save your sanity without spending all your dollars! 

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