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It’s Mother’s Day. With eyes still closed, you can smell the fresh coffee and warm maple syrup being tip-toed into your room.  You hear muffled giggles and feel soft, tiny hands touch your face. You open your eyes to see eager smiles, a beautiful breakfast-in-bed tray, handwritten cards and a small blue velvet box that you hope might just contain that piece of fine jewelry you’ve been dreaming of … You? Yeah, us neither. Mother’s Day often looks more like waking up to the sound of your children asking for help in the bathroom and a homemade gift brought in from preschool last week. We all have dreams, right? We know that sweet glitter-coated gifts are special, sticky hands are just part of the job, and we’ve been told that someday we will miss this. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have ideas of how it would feel to be celebrated for the 87 times we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear last week. But here’s the hard truth: Gratitude is all about perspective, and perspective is filtered through our expectations. Sometimes we are guilty of setting expectations that are unknown, unspoken and unrealistic. Here are five tips to help you ensure your heart will be filled this Mother’s Day:   

Speak up:

No one is a mind reader. Those who love us won’t know what we want unless we communicate. Have a conversation with your family clearly stating your hopes and dreams for the day. 

Have grace:

Your family might give a solid effort in making your dreams come true. But there’s a chance it won’t look exactly like you thought. Don’t lose your sense of humor and respond with grace.

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Be realistic:

Know your audience, and set them up for success. When communicating your expectations for the day, keep them realistic. Request things that will make you feel loved, but they will enjoy providing as well.   

Be an example:

Chances are, this Mother’s Day you will be leading the celebration for the generations before you. Take this opportunity to set an example for your family of what it looks like to serve and honor the mothers in your life. Luke 6:31 says “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” There is so much joy in loving others well.   

Be grateful:

No matter how your Mother’s Day turns out, have a posture of gratitude. Your perception is your reality, so if you are looking for things to go well, it will be much easier to experience the gifts right in front of you.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! We hope you feel celebrated and loved. Try to relax, take pictures, give and receive lots of hugs. YOU are a phenomenal mom!  


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P.S. We want to acknowledge Mother’s Day isn’t always an easy day for some of us. Grief, pain and loss may be part of your story. Know that we love you. We are praying for your heart.