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“You seem alive right now. It’s like I’m seeing the real you.”

Those words sunk deep.

I’d had one of those moments that made my soul come alive, like the moment was created just for me. I was contributing to the world in that way that made me feel like I was doing exactly what I was built to do. The world was at peace; everything was right. I was giving of my self in a deep and exerting way, but I walked away with my heart full as though I was the one who had been the recipient.

“It’s like I’m seeing the real you.”

It’s because she was seeing the real me.

Bob Goff makes this profound statement, he says, “People need to be spoken into who they are.” It’s powerful to have someone affirm who they see in us.

As we journey this year on our quest to Be you, Bravely, let’s be courageous enough to see the greatness in others, and tell them what we see.

Be you, Bravely

Our hope for the next year is to journey together into bravery. We show our bravery every day we wake up and choose to start again, no matter the downfalls of the previous day. We show bravery with each mothering choice, forging a path for those adorable little rug rats. We show bravery when we dig deep and choose to respond to that little voice inside of us that speaks with an impassioned plea about what we can contribute to the world.

The key here, is that we want to do it together.

The Courage Key

That’s part of the reason we chose to include a key in the 2014-15 MOPS Membership welcome kit. It’s a symbol we can daily put on to remind us to live the bravest version of ourselves. It’s a token we can reach up and touch in those moments we need a reminder to be brave. And, with solidarity, we’ll be wearing our keys together.

MOPS Membership is our way of saying we belong together because we know we mother better when we mother together.

The Feather

We chose a feather because feathers represent flight. In order for a bird to live into its truest, it must step out from the nest, trusting its wings and take flight. That’s what we want to do, step out from comfortable, trust that inner voice telling us who we are and go be that in the world.

The key comes in the welcome kit alone so that you can doctor up however you desire, but we put together a chain and feather charm set that we love (and think you will too!).

In the next year, what is that little voice inside calling you to do in bravery?